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10 Countries Where You Shouldn’t Drink Tap Water

10 Countries Where You Shouldn’t Drink Tap Water

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It’s not safe for tourists.

Traveler’s diarrhea is real. When you’re traveling internationally, you have to remember that the country’s tap water may be unfit to drink, or even brush your teeth. Even if it’s safe for locals, the water may give you troubles because your body may be unused to certain pathogens, so do not drink tap water before confirming if it’s okay for you. Unfortunately, safe tap water is a luxury that not many in the world have. According to the UN, two billion people in the world live without safely managed drinking water services, with 1.2 billion lacking a basic service. A majority of these live in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Although the U.S. is not listed among the countries with unsafe tap water, the resourceful nation faces challenges with equal distribution and quality standards. The problem is much more severe around the world and water-borne diseases cause thousands of deaths annually. There are dozens of countries where you can’t drink tap water. With this list, we’re just scratching the surface. It’s always a good idea to check the CDC’s advisory on drinking water for each country before you plan your visit. INSIDER TIPInstead of depending on bottled water provided by hotels, you can consider buying a water filtration bottle and reducing your plastic waste.

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