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12 Flight Attendant Approved Hacks to Make Your Next Flight Stress-Free

12 Flight Attendant Approved Hacks to Make Your Next Flight Stress-Free

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Check out these hacks, tips, and tricks from cabin crew that'll make flying the friendly skies much more friendlier.

Flight crewmembers do so much more than pass out snacks and beverages. They are not glorified waitstaff nor are they servants. They’re highly skilled in first aid, conflict resolution, identifying possible human trafficking, emergency management, and much more. They undergo rigorous training, including the completion of annual and bi-annual exams to maintain their flying license. Their sole responsibility is to make sure that each passenger arrives at their destination safely; and in a dire situation, they are the ones best equipped to guide and support you. So, don’t be afraid to say hello, offer a kind smile (or “smize” while wearing a protective mask), or even offer the crew something to brighten up their day (and make your flight a friendlier one.) With the return of air travel at an all-time high, we tapped these mile-high heroes for trade-secret tips and tricks. Crew members from Delta, Etihad, Norwegian, and Virgin Airlines gave us the scoop on what will help you board faster, fly smarter, and make your flying experience as stress-free as possible.  

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