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The World’s Greatest Glamping Experiences Might Be Found in These Gorgeous Desert Camps

The World’s Greatest Glamping Experiences Might Be Found in These Gorgeous Desert Camps

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A mere hour drive from Marrakech, the Agafay Desert boasts dusty-but-luxurious desert lodgings.

It’s hard to believe the Agafay Desert is just a one-hour taxi ride away from the bustle of Marrakech’s medina. The moon-like landscape is made of small stones and hills the color of bone and parchment. The High Atlas Mountains shimmer in blue and purple hues on the horizon and are even capped with snow, depending on the season. Admittedly, most people who dream of visiting the desert envision the Sahara and its dramatic sand dunes. But, reaching the Sahara is an ambitious journey from Marrakech, which can take eight hours of driving best spread over multiple days. As an alternative, the Agafay Desert has emerged in recent years as a popular option for Morocco-bound travelers who are short on time but still yearning to spend a night in an otherworldly environment. The gorgeous glamping experiences available to travelers—ranging from stylish tents to luxury lodges—are by no means a compromise.

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