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These Are America’s 20 Most Fun Cities. You Won’t Believe What Didn’t Make the List

These Are America’s 20 Most Fun Cities. You Won’t Believe What Didn’t Make the List

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Personal finance website WalletHub has released a list of 2021’s Most Fun Cities in America, and it’s going to ruffle some feathers. Many usual suspects are missing from the top 20 positions that were analyzed and cherry-picked after comparing more than 180 cities on three dimensions (Entertainment and Recreation, Nightlife and Parties, and Cost). Then 65 metrics like festivals per capita, restaurants per capita, most accessible bars, and lowest beer and movie costs, were used to score them. The list was skipped last year due to the pandemic, so we’re also weighing this year’s results to 2019. Surprisingly, Los Angeles just missed to make it to the list—it’s on the 21st spot with an overall score of 46.25 (down from number 10 in 2019). The star-studded city has plentiful dance clubs, but it costs a lot to catch a movie here. You’d think that Nashville would make the cut, but it is further down at number 27. Philadelphia had the 20th spot in the previous survey, but the City of Brotherly Love is now 23. And Charleston, known for its bar-crawling downtown and bachelorette party scene, ranks 24. The poorest scorer–number 182–is Hawaii’s Pearl City, with the fewest restaurants per square foot population. Don’t agree with the results? Tell us why your city is the best!

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